bio-regulator a-320 Nrx


The package of the 1st stage regulator that lavishly uses tough forging body and york, and the easy-to-use 2nd stage regulator that equips swivel joint. It supplies comfortable air even under all circumstances.

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BIO Regulator a-320 Nrx








Reliably supply of comfortable air -1st stage

・The heart of the 1st stage regulator is the newly developed tough and high-performance HP sheet bio 360. It stably supplies the air over the long duration which far surpass current conventional reference of “3 million times breath ” and ” about 3000 dive “.

・The body and york part adopt the basic member of forging. The highly durable and less variation forged parts are further processed with cutting work.

・The adoption of dual double diaphragm system relieves a worry of freezing moving parts under low-temperature environments.

・It adopts a bucket type dust filter. The dust filter in the high pressure region is high-density、thus susceptible to resistance. By adoption of the special mesh filter made of stainless ,the flow restriction and pressure loss of this part has been minimized by the large filter area, five times larger than the traditional filter.

※Tested with breathing machine by ourself.

・The oxygen compatible Viton O-ring is employed in the high pressure region to support Nitrox as standard.

・The 1st stage is EN250 CE certified, and it being used even with rebreather for pure oxygen application.

Natural and comfortable breathing in the water -2nd stage

” bio- air system air guide ” , special structure inside of the 2nd stage, leads a direct air flow to the mouth. It will release the valve by sensing slight pressure change in order to achieve a comfortable breathing without any discomfort being affected by changes in depth or pressure remained in the tank.

・All metal parts are water-repellent plated containing fluorine resin, which reduces the operation failure due to the deposition of salt.

・Well-established a ball joint MP hose is equipped as standard , which reduces the fatigue of the jaw.

・The mouthpiece-tube, relatively small in diameter, keeps beautiful look of the mouth when holding the mouthpiece

1st stage

Material                 forged brass
Finish                    satin chrome plated
Type                      Balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
HP ports               7/16″ x2
LP ports                3/8″ x2
Connections        Yoke type (DIN adaptor available)
Dust filter              Bucket type filter                 bio-360
Pressure level      tank max 220bar, LP 9.6bar
Weight                   750g

2nd stage

Material                 ABS/PC body, TPU top cover
Hose                      70cm swiveling hose
                               Breathing resistance adjust dial
                               B.A.S. bio air system
                              Water repellent plating metal parts
Weight                  360g without hose

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