bio-metal mask pro

High-end mask of the world.
Tough and brilliant frame, many optional instruments attachable.
bio-AR lenses are installed

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Made with tough stainless steel alloy.
Many optional instruments attachable.
The logo “professional” is carved.
Polished by craftsman in Japan.

Luxury metal frame made by the machining and craftsman’s hand-finish.

The metal frame is made by the luxury technique of machining process to carve out from single stainless steel plate, and it is painstakingly hand-finished by skilled metal polishing craftsmen.   This enables to produce true and deep luster of the material itself.Furthermore, special vapor
deposition is processed to the dark chrome and premium gold frame, which is the most superior appearance finish with extreme hardness and durability.


Material          stainless steel
Finish             polished + special plating (Premium gold)
Lens               bio-AR lens


      Premium gold

Ion spattering gold color





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