Bio-metal mask pro

Dark chrome

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Bio-metal mask pro

Dark chrome

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition finishing


Material         stainless steel
Finish             polished + special plating (Dark chrome, Premium gold)
Lens              bio-AR lens

Dark chrome         Ion spattering dark gray color
Outstanding underwater balance due to the stainless metal frame

Lightweight mask is comfortable in the fitting on land, however in the water, the internal volume of the mask makes positive buoyancy. which particularly worrisome is instability due to the buoyancy in the day-to-day or long-time use of professional divers.
In Bio metal mask Pro, the reasonable weight due to the adoption of a stainless steel frame effectively canceling the buoyancy of the inner volume. As a results the fit in the water becomes weightlessness sensation totally different from the fit on land .
It is the mask that has been well thought out for the professional divers.


Metal frame

Small sized frame can only be realized by only metal frame both the breadth of vision and the field of three dimensional vision for both eyes are the number one in the world.

Wide 3D vision with Metal frame –First in the world (Design Patented)

The metal frame attains width of the center portion of frames as only 7mm.
It feels like a single lens mask.

Design of mask flange

Available in three types of flange to fit the shape of the face.
By realizing the world’s smallest inner volume, you can easily do clear the mask.

Features of flange

The optimal mask to all people.

BFFS allows you to choice your best flange!

You can select the frame with designs, colors, and for purposes. Furthermore to fit your face, you can select from 4 type and 2 colors of flanges.



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